The Mechanics division is subdivided into another three branches: Motors and Metal Shop.


Cinadra represents the FAIRBANKS MORSE ENGINES – FME in Brazil for over 25 years. The FME, founded in 1870, is one of the most traditional manufacturers of diesel-powered engines and/or natural gas, and among the largest companies in the world.
Their engines are used in military, or merchant marine propulsion, power generation, including nuclear installations, and the drives for diesel-electric locomotives.

Currently, the FME is also capable to provide of providing radial turbines, natural gas-fired, used in projects involving power generation and/or thermal exchange for industries, hotels, shopping malls, etc.


ALCO 251 F

The ALCO 251F engine is universally recognized for its durability and reliability in the most demanding stationary and locomotive applications. This rugged 4-stroke engine option is available in 12- and 18-cylinder configurations and affords high specific output with low specific fuel consumption.

Opposed Piston Model 38 8 1/8

The Opposed-Piston 38D 8-1/8 engine has been designed and developed for a wide array of electrical power generation and heavy industrial applications. This high-efficiency, low-emission engine combines time-tested design features with modern advances, including dual-fuel technology suited for low-cost power production.



Cinadra has a partnership with SOTECAL – Sociedade Técnica de Caldeiraria, a company based in Rio de Janeiro.The Sotecal acts in the field of steel structures and its main products: pile board for shoring of excavations, molds for making precast and steel structures in general, on demand boiler factory services.