Cinadra represents the company LWT Dredges. Heavy Built Contractor Duty Dredge with flexible Pump/Engine Combinations they also have a Remote Controlled Electric-Driven Dredges which are built with structural steel for long term durability under demanding conditions. These dredges excel in the removal of sediments from ponds, settling lagoons and other similar applications.


CINADRA recently began a new activity in the construction sector, leasing of protective shields for ditches, also known as “trench-shields”, “trench-box” or shielding.

These types of equipment allow large savings in works involving digging ditches because they eliminate the use of traditional shoring such as pile boards, etc. In addition to the aspect of the economy, the protective shields for ditches are also of fundamental importance for the safety of workers engaged in this activity.

A roadmap of how to correctly specify the equipment to be used, as well as the technical data of our equipment, can be supplied if requested.