Since 1965 representing american companies in Brazil

CINADRA was created more than 50 years ago to represent foreign companies in BRAZIL, always seeking to meet both its represented and its clients with what could be offered the best and most modern at the time.


Having an innovative vision for its time, CINADRA began its representation work in an era where commercial letters were the safest and most utilized means in that period, taking into account that a letter to go from BRAZIL to USA could take 10 days, which obliged CINADRA increasingly to develop a knowledge, credibility and a reputation in the market that would overcome the difficulties of communication at the time, with the advancement of TELEX the relations became easier, less onerous than the conventional connections over the phone, and above all else, because you could exchange messages almost instantly with a client or a representative and still have a copy of what was sent, thus allowing a total control over information and processes.


With this a new era was established, but the guideline of being a great business representative with a dignified name known to the market remained unchanged. Its founder Mauro Villarim Meira always had a vanguard vision regarding the businesses carried out by CINADRA, where for him the trust and loyalty of CINADRA with its represented was the base of sustentation of the whole commercial relation.


CINADRA represents and represented major companies in the world market. For more than 30 years, it represented ELLICOTT DREDGES, the world’s largest and oldest cutter suction dredger manufacturer, and CINADRA made larger sales of cutter suction dredgers  carried out by ELLICOTT at the time and probably to this day, since BRAZIL has for many years concentrated one of the largest cutter suction dredger fleets in the world, recently CINADRA has changed its focus on the dredging market from suction dredgers for smaller dredgers focused on an emerging market, innovative and in line with the new times, these dredges aimed at environmental, selective or customized dredging, this change did not mean abandoning ELLICOTT but moving to one of its new divisions .


This change once again consolidates CINADRA’s avant-garde vision by always looking for what the market can offer the best to users, that is, once again affirming the position of being a credible and well-known company in the market.

Working with partners for more than 30 years, CINADRA creates extensive ties of trust and partnership both with its representatives and with its clients, as this lasting relationship transmits total security to the end user, since it shows that it is not negotiating with adventurous companies and yes Solid companies with long experience in the market, as an example of these long and doradouras partnerships, we can mention FAIRBANKS MORSE ENGINE and ISLAND PYROCHEMICAL INDISTRIES, two companies that operate in distinct segments but are known in BRAZIL as partners and represented by CINADRA for more than 30 years.


The vision of loyalty with its represented and innovation established by its founder MAURO VILLARIM MEIRA remain the main values ​​of CINADRA IND. E COMERCIO DE MAQUINAS LTDA Nowadays, even with the implementation of modern means of communication, the person-to-person relationship continues to be fundamental for CINADRA in the sense of establishing great commercial relations, of trust.


CINADRA is organized by divisions, namely:


This division is subdivided into: Motors, Metal Shop and Foundry.


Dredging & Construction

The Construction division has as segment: Trench Shield Rental.



The Chemical Division is directly aimed at the military application.